Basnet Homestay

Basnet Homestay

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Location: Mayrong Gaon, Kalimpong

Situated in the quaint Lepcha village of Mayrong Goan in Kalimpong District, Basnet Homestay is conveniently positioned just 19 km from the Kalimpong bus stop and a mere 7 km from Algarah. Upon arrival, you will be captivated by the abundance of orchids, vibrant hilly flowers, enchanting butterflies, and the mystical allure of the misty mountains.

Distance from Kalimpong 19 km.
Distance from Algarah 7 km.
Distance from Lava 19 km.

Total – 6 Mountain view rooms. Western Toilets.
Total – 22 Guest accommodation.
1 Driver room with attached toilets.

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